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Messenia, at the southwestern tip of the Peloponnese, is a portrayal of authentic Greece. Shaped by its olive culture, the area is developing steadily as its tourist infrastructure progresses with delicate foresight.
The Gialova Villas are a brand new addition to the area. Guests can spend their holidays here, just above the small town Gialova. The view of the bay is exceptional: from one end of the cove, where the charming small town of Pylos is located, across the nearby islands, all the way to the castle ruins of Palaiokastro and the Gialova Lagoon natural reserve.
The beach is just 270 yards away and is directly connected to the promenade with its taverns, restaurants, cafés, small shops and boutiques. Shop. Dine. Drink Ouzo - and above all, enjoy the Greek serenity. Or how about sporting activities? The nearby opportunities include surfing, water skiing and golfing (two 18-hole golf courses, 5 and 15 minutes away). Notable excavation sites such as Ancient Messene and Olympia, as well as historical sites such as Sparta with its archaeological Museum and monumental fortresses, make a great (half-) day trip.
The Gialova Villas themselves feature high-class architectural design. The villa complex, with its natural stone walls, encloses a 5400 square yard property that organically blends in with the surrounding environment. Once inside, however, the buildings showcase unobtrusive luxury. Clear lines, generous spacial concepts (up to 14.75 ft walls), exquisite natural materials, warm tones - experience wellbeing at the highest level. Every house has its own swimming pool (skin-friendly due to saltwater electrolysis), enticing secluded retreats, and offers a high level of privacy. And above all: truly spectacular sunsets.

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