Golden Beach

Just a few minutes away from the villas, this 5 mile stretch of beach begins, dotted with secluded little areas (especially towards the end) and three beach bars (some with deck chair rentals). These small bars are put up for the summer and disappear from the landscape entirely at the end of the season.

Voidokilia Beach

Voidokilia Beach is by far the most popular postcard picture of whole Messenia, and is also known as “Oxbelly Bay”. The bay itself is in the shape of a perfect Omega, sporting glittering turquoise water and extensive dune landscapes. It certainly has a lot of sand, but no bar and, due to it’s popularity, also a large amount of people during the high season. Despite this, taking a look is almost a must. After all, it is only a 15-minute car drive.

Petrochori Beach

Our tip for the really hot days is Petrochori Beach. Refreshing winds and wonderful waves on the west side. On the east side it is calmer, read more child-friendly. Everyone can be happy. The area also has deck chairs, which are free to use as long as you order from the Ammothines (Restaurant and Beach Bars). This favourite spot is also only 15 minutes away.


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