Palace of Nestor

About 20 minutes away from Gialova Villas resides the Palace of Nestor. This is the remains of a great Mycenaean palace, which was also used as an administrative building during the Late Helladic period. The most significant points of interest include the large altar, and the “bathroom” where Telemachus, the son of Odysseus, is said to have been bathed and oiled by Polycaste. So the rumors say, at least. Palace-namesake Nestor himself was said to have been, at least according to Homer and his Iliad, the ruler of the “sands of Pylos”.


At the end of Golden Beach, atop a rock 650 feet above the sea, towers Palaiokastro, the old castle. These ruins of a fortress from the 13th century used to be the perfect place to scout enemy fleets. Today it is simply one of the most beautiful lookouts in the region.


On the opposite side of Gialova Bay, above Pylos, Neokastro (the new castle) sits enthroned. It was built in the 16th century by the Ottoman Empire and is well-preserved to this day, housing an impressive and modern Museum.

Ancient Messene

It takes about one hour to drive from the Gialova Villas to Ancient Messene, which according to the old Greeks was once the most beautiful town in the southwest Peloponnese. The archaeological site will take you back 2000 years into the past.

Olympia & Sparta

The great celebrities of ancient Greece are also only about two hours away: the ancient Olympia as well as Sparta with its symbolic archaeological Museum.


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