At the small but picturesque beach promenade of Gialova, you will find a dozen different restaurants, taverns and cafés. Without their own home pages, however. Tripadvisor can help you get an overview.

Here are our personal recommendations:

Feet in the sand:

Neokastro and Kochili, with excellent fish and classic Greek cuisine. These two restaurants can be found down at the beach and are the closest to the Gialova Villas.

Outstanding view:

La Cucina Italiana (very tasty, suitable for vegetarians) and To Steki tou Vergou (savory Greek dishes, grill specialities) are both up the stairs of a building along the promenade. Guests are seated above the palm trees, with a view of the promenade and across the sea.

Good food at a good price:

The Souvlaki Grill House is a hit with its delicious meals at very reasonable prices. Also offers take-away meals.


The Sugar Café Bar serves the best coffee far and wide, as well as delicious drinks and cocktails.

Swimming and dining:

The Restaurant Natura is a part of the Hotel Zoe and serves many dishes made with organic, homegrown ingredients. Guests can relax on the deck chairs (for free) and will be served by the waiters. You can also sit in the cool shade of the trees.

Finest fish:

The KateRina´s Restaurant approximately a ten-minute drive away from the Gialova Villas. Every morning, 75-year-old Katerina visits the local fish market to personally shop for fish, which she then prepares using old family recipes. Delicious!


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