Villa 1

Exclusive. Elegant. Exceptional. The Representative
6 Guests 3 King Size + bathroom 300 sq.yd.

The Representative house sits enthroned at the top of the hillside, from where you can relish the immaculate panorama across the entire Gialova Bay! The view can be seen from everywhere in the house - even the bathrooms. The 300 square yards of living space are generously distributed between two floors. The outside areas with their spacious patios, a hammock-garden and various hidden retreats allow for privacy and refreshing new perspectives. The highlight is a 38 foot long pool with a glass floor that forms the roof of the loggia below. When rays of sunlight break through the water, scintillating plays of light illuminate the living and dining areas.



Villa 2

Exclusive. Elegant. Exceptional. The Secluded
4 Guests 2 King Size + bathroom 150 sq.yd.

At the eastern part of the villa complex, the Secluded house is the perfect hideaway. The small private garden borders directly upon a beautiful olive grove. Above the ancient trees, the scenery stretches across the cove all the way to the coastal town of Pylos, which, when the lights are on at night, rests calmly on the horizon. Just like the other villas, there is a view of the sea from every room including the bedrooms and en suite bathrooms on the ground floor, as well as of course the living, dining and pool area above. Sophisticated room arrangement meets elegant design. Luxury at the highest level.